Welcome to our Matrimonial page.

We can help with: civil partnerships, divorce, pre-nuptual agreements and family law

Francis & Co has had a successful Family and Matrimonial Department for many years now and we are continuing to serve the people of Chepstow and beyond in the Twenty-First century too!

The solicitors in the Matrimonial Department have a wealth of experience in family matters covering divorce, financial and property issues, separation, children matters including contact (access) difficulties and adoption and Special Guardianship cases.

The members of the Matrimonial Department know that family matters can often appear daunting and intractable to those involved in them, dealing as they so frequently do, with the breakdown of  personal relationships.  This firm realises that in such situations people often feel desperately unhappy and need calm reassuring assistance as well as practical help.  We try to adopt a “can do” attitude to assist those caught up in such problems in all of their difficulties and try to ensure that they can move on with their lives as quickly and easily as possible.  We take the view that armed with the expert legal advice that we can give such people  they can work their ways through their difficulties and feel that they have been fully involved in resolving their own issues.

The Matrimonial Department also has experienced secretarial staff who can take messages for you if required; this means that no client need be without a friendly word when it is badly needed!

If you need our help please call us, send us a letter or an e-mail if you prefer.  We are here to help.

Charlotte Willis:

Email Charlottew@francisandco.wales | Direct line 07423 084449