This friendly family firm has been established for 170 years. It is situated in the heart of this historic market town. Although there have been many changes over the years the family firm ethos remains very much the same. George Francis, the last practising member of the Francis family passed away in 2001 after working for the firm for over 50 years. Coincidentally the first member of the Francis family to join the firm was named George Carwardine Francis and his youngest grandson named after him was the last.

Throughout its history Francis & Co has seen many changes: the quill pens, high stools and desks of yesterday giving way to carbon paper before arriving at today’s computer-age technology.  The Francis family dynasty practiced law for over two centuries.George Carwardine Francis, born in 1855, was admitted as a solicitor in 1878.  His father before him was also a solicitor and the crown receiver for the Forest of Dean, but never worked in private practice.  George’s son Guy qualified in 1911 and his two sons Richard and George admitted to the roll of solicitors in 1947 and 1956 respectively worked at the firm throughout their working lives. A strong family tradition underpins this solicitors practice.

Francis & Co’s client base is predominantly within the Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire areas but does extend much further afield.  Many generations of clients continue to use the firm.  Some clients’ families can be traced back throughout the history of the firm. The warm customer care offered by the firm counts for a great deal when people return to them time after time.  Many clients are referred to the firm by recommendation.

Present Day

The firm covers all matters of legal business and representation. The firm traditionally had considerable expertise in Wills, Trusts, Probate and Property.  In these changing times, in an era of diverse family units and an increasingly litigious society the firm has developed from its core strength and has considerable experience in family and matrimonial law, contentious probate, advice for the elderly, litigation of all types and commercial and agricultural property and law generally.

The role of being a solicitor is no longer just a profession but has to operate an efficient business whilst maintaining the essential caring aspect and integrity of the practice of law. Francis & Co pride themselves on clients being able to reach their solicitor for assistance and reassurance whether on the telephone, by email or by personal attendances at our offices or their own home. The firm uses modern technology extensively.

In this era of fast communications and convenient living, it is significant that loyal clients are returning to the firm time after time. This is an indication of the esteem in which Francis & Co is held and it demonstrates that people appreciate the personal touch the firm is able to bring to the practice. The business may now be run on modern technological lines but the ethos of the traditional family run firm holds true.